Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ever hear of e-books?

Imagine a whole book that fits in the palm of your hand. No, imagine fifteen books that fit in the palm of your hand.

With an e-book reader or a Personal Data Assistant (PDA) you can carry several books around wherever you go. Fits easily in a purse, jacket pocket, or even the back pocket of your jeans. I read mine in line at the grocery store, at the post office, or wherever I find myself waiting for something. For portable entertainment, you can't beat an e-book.

Storage and purchasing of e-books is also much simpler than going to the bookstore. No traffic, waiting in line, dealing with crowds at the mall. And your PC becomes your own personal library. Read and re-read books at your leisure.

And for until very recently, the Big Publishers in New York, London, and elsewhere, have decided what books get published. What's 'good' enough to be published. They, not you, have decided what books made it to market. Why let them continue feeding you only what they decide you're going to read?

Buy E-books and tell the Big Pubs that you’ll decide.

E-book authors know their fans. They participate in e-mail lists and generally answer their own personal e-mail. They host contests for their readers and do giveaways on a regular basis. We e-book writers are a friendly crowd.

All you have to do to get to know them is join one or more of the yahoo groups.

A good place to start looking for e-books is fictionwise.

Once you get an e-book reader for your PC installed, you can either buy a book through fictionwise straight off, or you can get your feet wet by looking for free books first. If you're into science fiction or fantasy, I recommend you check out Baen Books. They have a free library there of many popular mainstream science fiction and fantasy titles, including novels by David Weber, Mercedes Lackey, and many others.

Listen to Alternative?
So read alternative.
E-books—an alternative to the big name publishers.

Like “Outlaw Country?"
Read like an outlaw.
Support the “Outlaw Press."

Like Independent Film?
Support the Indie Press.
Buy an E-book.

One of the other great things about e-books is that no trees are harmed for the publication of (most) e-books, though thousands of electrons are greatly inconvienced.


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