Saturday, March 25, 2006

An uncharacteristic rant

Condemn me for being part of the "angry left" if you will (the whole 'leftist' smear is so 20th Century anyway--there hasn't been a real relevant "leftist" movement in this country since the 1930s), but I'll be damned if I'll let you accuse me of being angry without a reason.

In the past twelve years the Regressives have attacked our whole system like a pack of rabid rats tearing bloody chunks from the body politick and washing it down with the blood of the patriots who died to give us our freedom in the first place. Would be tyrants, each and every one of them, so caught up in the fever of greed for money and power that the foundation on which this country was built, the ideals that it claimed, are as meaningless to them as the history of the rest of the world they scorn.

Damn right I'm angry. I'm angry every time one of the shrieking pundits accuses me of being a traitor because I believe in the original vision of America as a shining beacon of hope for the world. I'm angry every time I hear a lie come from those we elect to tell us the truth. I'm angry every time another young man or woman falls in a hot, dusty place across the ocean because our 'leaders' have neither the moral courage nor the decency to stand up for them and us alike.

I'm angry because the media has failed to do its job, leaving it up to people like me to try to reach out to those who will listen. I'm angry because this abandonment has left me faced with people who say "where's your proof?" when it should be as plain on the nose on their face. They swallow lies as if they were wines of the finest vintage, and choke on truth as if it were the bloated, maggot filled corpse of a rat left on the doorstep by the neighbor's cat.

I still debate them on occasion, simply because it behooves us to spread truth whenever possible, whenever the attempt doesn't put your very sanity in danger. Because, make no mistake, the world teeters wildly every time you put forth the truth only to have some oblivious fellow citizen declaim your words as those of a fool or, worse yet, 'partisan hack.'

They say "you offer me opinion with no proof to back it up.""How much goddam proof do you need?" I want to yell. "Why the HELL are we in Iraq? Huh? Because they had WMDs? Because Saddam was an asshole? Because we wanted to give Democracy to people who've never shown they had any real interest in it? Do you even KNOW?"

The regressive agenda is to eliminate all those things that has made America a land of opportunity...slashing wildly at anything that might improve the lot of the less fortunate. For the regressive movement seems to be made up of two kinds of people--those who are already rich, and those who wish fervantly to become the type of person who can grind another human into the dirt just for the shits and giggles of it.

There is NO such thing as bootstrap levitation, you assholes! People find success in life through the support and encouragement of their neighbors. A person who looks out for him or her self first belongs to no community--for those who would call that person brethren would be the type to knife him or her in the back the very moment it becomes more convenient than guarding that same back, and steal even the fillings out of his or her teeth just to make a quick buck in the process.

They who despise their fellow man, and seek only to gain advantage from them, deserve nothing more than scorn. For they steal not only THINGS, but also the very dignity that lies behind the definition of humanity.

The regressive agenda is the very epitome of that which is anti-human. It is like a cancer in our midst, a destructive force that turns our very being against itself. And it feeds on fear and hatred and greed. Fear of the unknown, of the strange, hatred of those who are in some way different, and greed...not only for money, but for power, and fame, and respect that is not earned, but forced from those who cannot afford not to give it.

All I have to say now is GIVE ME BACK MY FUCKING COUNTRY. You don't deserve it. You don't even know how to appreciate it. You've turned it into a rapacious villain, a diseased mockery of itself, and act as though you've buffed and shined it into a bright shining beacon. Your coat of day-glo paint isn't fooling anyone but yourselves.

Educate our young. Feed our hungry. Provide shelter for those who are lost. Cure those who are sick.

If you can't, or won't, do these things...get the fuck out of the way so WE CAN.


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