Saturday, June 25, 2005

News from the War

"Battle Lines are blurred in Iraq,"
says CNN. I was just watching a story on CNN about the three women who died today from a suicide bombing attack on a convoy, and that there's no way to protect women from death in combat in Iraq.

They actually used the phrase "the lines are blurred."Blurred? Really? How about freakin' non-existent? As one female soldier said in an interview--"you see someone standing down the street and you don't know if he's an enemy or not."

Basically, they're suffering the same problem they suffered in Vietnam. They can't identify the enemy until they're under attack.

The pentagon says it can't do without the vital roles women play in Iraq...they need them at checkpoints to search the women "in respect for muslim tradition."

Over a hundred women have died in Iraq so far, the vast majority from combat-related causes. There are over 10,000 female troops there, and they are as much at risk as the men.

This realization, put across so clearly on CNN, can only turn more of the public against the war.It's quite likely possible that this war will prove to be the wooden stake shoved into the Republican Party's (alleged) heart.

They're running out of justifications, excuses, and time. And they know it. With three female soldiers slain in one fell swoop, it drives home an inescapable's not just our "boys" dying over there, but our "girls" too.

And I don't think the American Public is going to take that very well.


Blogger irisclara said...

One can only hope. But if I remember correctly, hope is the last thing to leave the box.

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