Monday, July 18, 2005

Burn THIS book, please

Okay--I think I've figured out the key to success as an author. I have to annoy some book-burning wingnut just enough to throw a nice public tantrum.

Hear that, wingnut?

I personally think book-burners are a perfect example of the worst segment of the population--people driven by ignorance and fear of knowledge.

Yeah, there's magic in my books. And vampires and lycanthropes as heroes! And book-burning type wingnuts as villains! Or, rather, deluded superstitious assholes being manipulated by a race of carnivorous aliens intent on destroying the civilizations of Earth in order to feed their voracious appetite for technology and human flesh.

You all catch that? You book-burning wingnuts are being USED by a bunch of evil aliens.

So, please, feel free to buy and burn as many copies of my book as you want, you poor deluded bastards.


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