Friday, July 08, 2005

A eulogy of sorts

A man died yesterday...a crusader...someone who saw a broken system and fought hard to see it fixed. I did not know him personally, nor did I even exchange posts with him more than (possibly) once. I wasn't around DU long enough, I'm afraid.

He died, partially, because of another broken system. Despite the help of hundreds of others, who gathered the money together to pay for the expensive medical treatment that gave him the only chance of survival, he failed to withstand the onset of pancreatic cancer that brought him down. It cost him 50,000 dollars to even attempt to save his life.

That's simply amazing.

Andy Stephenson's personal crusade was against electronic ballots without a verifiable paper receipt. I applaud him for this, and hope that others take up his battle with as much passion as he had.

Goodbye Andy. You live on in the hearts and minds of many fellow travelers.


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