Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Democratic Oath of Good Government

Sometime back someone mentioned the need to come up with our OWN "Contract with America," though it was pointed out that "Contract with" was easily replaced with "Contract on" which, while true in the Republican case, wouldn't work so well for us.

So. I've been pondering all day at work, and this is what I've come up with so far. I'm thinking of this as an oath a prospective Democratic Candidate might take as part of their campaign...their signature on a written oath, whatever...


1. I will not vote to raise my own salary until I can guarantee that each of you has adequate healthcare and is at least moving toward a living wage

2. I will provide transparency of government, excepting where national security is TRULY at stake.

3. I will never vote for war without irrefutable evidence that it is necessary, and, should a war become necessary, promise not to vote for any military action without clearly defined goals and an exit strategy.

4. I will never take money from veterans or our retired citizens to provide funding for other government programs.

5. I will never make medical decisions for you, leaving that between you and your doctor.

6. I will never spend your money unwisely, nor silently stand by while others do so.

7. I vow to take your voice as seriously as I take the voice of any other citizen, individual or corporate.

In addition, these have been suggested by other Democratic Underground members...

8. I will fight to make higher education and job-training programs available to all, to provide anybody willing to work to better themselves access to a quality, well-paying job.

(Rephrased as) I will fight to make higher education and job training accessible to all.

9. I will fight for a clean environment because we all have to live here.

10. I will not vote for any legislation I have not read.

11. I will vote to fund innovations in renewable energy and strive to free America from our dependence on foreign oil.

12. I will strive to see that ALL Americans receive equal treatment under the law.


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