Monday, July 04, 2005

Changing the dialogue

Progressive counter-talking-points from myself and other Democratic Underground Posters.

Tax-relief vs. Intelligent Taxation: “Use our taxes to help our neighbors, not hurt them.”

War on Terror vs. Criminal Prosecution: “Target terrorists, not innocent people.”

War on Drugs vs. Harm Reduction: “Save our police and prisons for killers, rapists, and thugs.”

Pro-Choice vs. Personal Liberty: “REAL Americans don’t surrender their bodies to their government.”

Liberal Media vs. Corporate Media: “A press that supports Corporate America over Citizen America is NOT a liberal media.”

Patriotism vs. Nationalism: "Nationalism argues that America can do no wrong. Patriotism is pointing out where it IS doing wrong."

Gun control vs. Firearm Safety: "Ensure safe and responsible gun ownership."

Outsourcing vs. Slave Labor. “Stealing jobs from Americans to exploit foreign workers is NOT a moral value.”


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