Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Open letter to the Press

To whom it may concern:

Yes, I realize that you feel as though you've been attacked now that one of your own is looking at jail time for refusing to give up her source.Yes, this is a development that disturbs those of us who truly support the First Amendment.

We understand that confidential sources can be as important to the Press as they can be to the police.

On the other hand...your remarkable silence in the face of almost overwhelming corruption on the part of the Republicans currently in power made such a move on the part of true justice seekers nearly inevitable.

You stopped doing your job. It has been left up to bloggers and on-line discussion groups to disseminate the news you haven't seen fit to cover.When you, the press, become complacent and complicit in crimes against America, you lose your privileges. When your anchors and reporters become just another part of the Republican spin machine, you cease to be members of the free press and become just another voice in the wind.

The reporters in question become accomplices in the commission of a High Crime against the American people, an act that jeopardized our security and placed thousands of our young men and women in harm's way in furtherance of a lie.

I would say "shame on you," but it's become clear ever since the Iraq war began that you have no shame.

So shame on us, the American people, for allowing you to fool us for so long.

Never again.


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