Saturday, July 16, 2005

What debt?

All ideological differences aside, and all discussions about the morality of the war in Iraq put in the closet for the time being, it's time we started talking about the economic repercussions of this war.

It's bankrupting us. Between it and tax cuts, we're watching the national debt slide into a monolithic sinkhole that our Chinese creditors are probably chuckling over RIGHT NOW.

From the beginning I said this war was a mistake--not only because I didn't believe Saddam had WMDs, but because I knew the cost of a lengthy occupation would be terrible to bear, not only in terms of human suffering but also economically.

The Republicans USED to be the party of fiscal responsibility, but now it seems they're having fun throwing a big party for their corporate friends, with war profiteering the greatest giveway to the wealthy this country has ever seen. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and China is buying up our debt like a broken-nosed bookie trying to get his hooks into a mayoral candidate with a gambling problem.

The RWers can throw all the "partisan" shrieks out they want to, but the fact of the matter remains, their hero, G.W. is so fiscally irresponsible that the only way out of this for us will be to turn the country back over to the Democrats and hope to whatever God you believe in that the sort of fiscal sensibilities that marked the Clinton years become the dominant mindset for the next few decades.

Or else we are seriously screwed as a nation.


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