Wednesday, July 13, 2005

An example of "fixing the intelligence around the policy."

The RW pundits and RW wacko politicians are pounding us with a set of talking points about the Rove/Plame/Wilson affair, obviously written by someone with some skill at spin (hmmm...Karl Rove, perhaps?)...and all the Democrats can do is sputter feebly at the WH about how he should be fired?

Where's the goddam MESSAGE? Why is it that the Republicans can stay on subject and fire bullet after bullet while the Dems stand back and insist on fighting the war like a bunch of snipers rather than any kind of real coalition?

How has 'outing an intelligent agent' good for National Security? Who else in the WH knew he'd done it? How far UP does this go? Cheney? Hey, there's someone who's been out of the spotlight lately. How's Dick doing, anyway?

Every single Dem with a set of vocal cords should be shouting from the rooftops by now. Warning! Warning! National Security comes second to Republican partisan wrangling! Republican Party Script mandatory for ALL foreign agents of the U.S. government--whether CIA or Diplomatic corps. Forget about the truth! If you're an American, you're a REPUBLICAN.

They told you what to say!

Remember "You're either WITH US or AGAINST US!" Translation: "If you step out of line, we'll throw you to the wolves.

"The sheer unmitigated GALL of these corrupt assholes sinks into my skull until I think it's going to explode from the pressure.

And I hear recent polls don't show the Democrats gaining much ground. Why is that? Oh, yeah...because there's no UNITY among Dems. We don't need our reps parroting one another, but we sure as hell need them to start using the same DAMN LANGUAGE.

It's easy, guys. "Looks like Rove's a traitor." "What do you call someone who abets a traitor?--a collaborator. A fellow conspirator. Accessory before, during, AND/OR after the fact." "How many of our agents did this leak kill?" "Is that how this administration rewards those who serve America? By putting their lives on the line every day?"

Not a crime? Okay, let's assume this to be the case, though I have SERIOUS doubts about this one...Who the fuck told Rove it wasn't a crime BEFORE he did it? Did he know it wasn't a crime? Did he care?Who's next? That's what the CIA ops are asking themselves. If they bring back intelligence this nitwit regime doesn't want to hear, will THEY be tossed in the lion den next time?

This administration has a lot to answer for. See, one thing the mainstream press is trying to forget...this whole mess PROVES the Downing Street Memos.

ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION? Why hasn't ONE of our guys stood up and said, calmly, "Well, I guess we no longer have to wonder about the Downing Street Memos, wouldn't you say?"


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