Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dare I call it treason?


It's treason to reveal the identity of a secret operative dedicated to hunting down WMDs. It's treason to attempt to attempt to obfuscate the truth of the matter behind partisan politics.

It is treason to continually lie to the American public, to manufacture or use someone else's manufactured evidence in order to wage war against an already crippled nation.

It is treason to attempt to subvert the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States.

It is treason to put the welfare of a select few oligarchs before the welfare of the citizens of the United States

It is treason to deprive ordinary citizens of their voting rights in order to secure a certain election result.

It is treason to put the welfare of a specific political party before the welfare of the United States as a nation.

It is treason to work on behalf of a corrupt government in order to help it subvert the Constitution of the United States, to abandon journalistic ethics in order to further the campaign of disinformation that is the lifeblood of this current administration.

In my view the whole of the Republican Party, and its supporters, are guilty of treason, of the deliberate destruction of the Bill of Rights and other Contitutional protections.

I speak now of the Patriot Act, the "Real ID" act, and the actions of the FBI when, under the direction of this administration, spends taxpayer monies to monitor the activities of a group as generally innocuous as the ACLU. This administration has deliberately violated the Oath of Office taken by the President and Vice President to uphold the Constitution and, in so doing, has rendered all policy decisions and bills signed into law nothing more than fruit from a poisonous tree.

And, thus, null and void.


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